One Simple Trick To Dramatically Increase The Performance Of Your Ad

Published on 15 May 2024 at 10:54

Are you looking for that one simple trick to boost your ad performance significantly… Then you came to the right article! In the next few minutes, I’ll tell you this trick that will dramatically boost sales!


Many Marketing Gurus out in the world talk about using expensive, complex tools and weird techniques to create the ‘perfect ad on social media’.


And the truth about the ‘perfect ad’  is that there is no PERFECT ad. It is a sunk-cost fallacy!


Business owners listen to these gurus about social media marketing and are bombarded with chaotic, confusing, information.


All this information leads them to ZERO sales!

The Biggest Mistake When Trying to Get More Sales From Your Ad 


Most business owners become concerned that no one buys their product/service. So, they start to think of solutions that can increase sales.


The first solution that comes to mind is increasing ad spend so more people can see the ad, giving more of a chance for someone to buy your product/service.


 Seems logical, right? 


Well … not necessarily. 


If you haven’t created an effective ad from a small budget, then there’s no point in spending more money on the ad. 


This strategy makes no sense.


Fixing Your Strategy

When creating an ad, most owners will always write about how the product works or the best features of the product. And to be honest with you, customers aren’t interested about your product. The customers care about the benefit of buying your product and how it can solve their problem.


So the trick to making your ad convert sales is …


“Convince people they NEED your product/service.” 


So, what does that mean?


All consumers will have a reason to buy a product/service. 


An example of selling is the famous Sell Me This Pen scene in The Wolf Of Wall Street. People will be like ‘Well this pen is really pretty, and it’s blue and durable.’ 





That’s not how you sell a pen. 


You need a pen to write things down. If you want to remember a cooking recipe, you need to write it down. If you want to create the next best product, you need to write it down on paper and brainstorm your thoughts. 


Selling the need for your product will show people they have a problem that needs fixing. And your product is the solution to fixing their need. 


So remember.


You have to sell the NEED at all times. Don’t talk ABOUT the product.


Selling them the need in the ad is much more effective than talking about your product/service. And it COMPLETELY surpasses the strategy of spending more money on an ad that’s been underperforming from the start. 


It’s all about giving the customer a reason to buy. 


Once you implement this trick in your ad, sale conversions will significantly increase in no time!


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